Welcome To Abbey Angels

A place where women can freely play and train for netball at their own convenience. Follow the navigation to learn more about how we serve you.

Winners Trophies

Abbey Angels Netball Tournament

Every year, we have a netball competition where women from various regions can compete and display their skills.

How May We Help You?

Wondering what we offer you? Here you will find every answer to your question that will help you decide to venture with us.

Who Can Play?

Anyone can as long as you are female and aged 18+, no prior knowledge of the game is needed (though it is helpful). Commitment however, is essential!

Where Do You Practice?

We start the training sessions with a gentle warm up and then our coach guides us through some exercises to improve our ball skills, foot work , marking and other skills required for the game.

How Much Is It?

First session is FREE, thereafter £3 per session, this includes a professional coach and equipment. There is the option to pay £10 per month by Direct Debit.

How Often Do You Play Matches?

We are part of the Bexley Netball League. Matches against other local teams take place on Saturdays at regular intervals. We also play one-off friendlies against other local teams. We pride ourselves on our team spirit and we are as much a
team off the court as on.

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